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Wesley Guild is a mid-week fellowship for men and women of all ages, and meets in The Lower Hall, monthly during the summer with a programme of diverse interests : devotional, cultural, Christian service and social





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The Wesley Guild

  • Offers training in Christian living

  • Provides a meeting point for honest encounter

  • Plans and initiates active service

  • Explores new ways of worship and personal devotion

  • Expresses the social and caring life of the Church

The Guild Prayer

Our Father, bless every Guild Member
throughout the world
Keep us one in heart, loving you above all.
Lead us in the way of glad obedience
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen



Thursday 13 Sept

My life so Far. Sue Pearce

Thursday 11 Oct

3pm Harvest Festival led by Rev. Christine Gillespie. Followed by Harvest Meal. In the Upper Hall.

Thursday 8 Nov

Behind the Scenes at the Tour de France. Sue Wood.

Thursday 6 Dec

Christmas Lunch and Carols


All meetings are at 2pm on Thursday in the Lower Hall (unless otherwise stated). £1 per meeting - includes tea/coffee and biscuits.

All are welcome.


Mrs Molly Blades
Secretary Lynne Harvey - 01423 568969
Treasurer Keith Carmichael
Accompaniest Barbara Lister




Review from our Autumn 2013 Focus

As stated in the Summer issue of FOCUS we did, in fact, meet in Molly's garden on 13th June and were able to sit outside.  The rain was kind to us and only made its presence felt when it was time for us to go home.    Molly (our President)  gave us a warm welcome, lovely smile and, as always,  generous hospitality.       Members enjoyed relaxing and having a catch up – so much so that there was only time for one quiz – much to everyone's relief!   Thank you again Molly for another happy afternoon.

Molly continues to work tirelessly for the Nigeria Health Care Project by making and selling the most beautiful greeting cards and is happy to sell them on request.   Molly is also grateful to receive “used” greeting cards of all kinds (with the exception of Christmas ones maybe) as she can often recycle some or all of them.

A Methodist meeting took place recently in another “Molly's garden” but this time it was in Southport.   Our good friend, Mary Harris, went to a meeting of the Bright Hour held in “Molly's garden”.  Mary had a feeling of deja vu and had no excuse for forgetting the name of her hostess.    It is always good to receive news from Mary who is very happily settled in Southport, is seeing lots of her family and making new friends at Liverpool Road Methodist Church.   We look forward to Mary's next visit to Harrogate.

At our July meeting members were delighted to welcome our old friend Peter Grubb, M.B.E.      I was sorry to miss this meeting but I hear that the members very much enjoyed hearing a brief update on the Nigeria Health Care Project and about Peter's recent visit to Buckingham Palace to receive his M.B.E.    Congratulations Peter on your well deserved honour!    We also took the opportunity to present Peter with a cheque for £500 for the Nigeria Health Care Project – the result of our Coffee Morning on 11th February, 2013.   Our ever accommodating President took Peter to a well known local fish restaurant for lunch prior to the meeting!

In August we were delighted to hear about the intrepid travels of Dr. Sian Greenwood and her colleague, Dr. Beth Rimmer, who had been on a recent trekking holiday to Nepal on behalf of charity.   Two very brave ladies!   We saw some breathtaking photography of their travels and heard about some of their hair raising experiences.   The electrical wiring in Kathmandu would certainly not meet our health and safety requirements and could best be described as an aerial spaghetti junction!    We enjoyed the afternoon so much that one of our members was heard to say that she could have listened to it all over again!

We look forward to welcoming Mike Greenberg to our meeting on 12th September when his topic is “To Russia with love”.      Had it been “From Russia with love” you would have to ask the question “is Mike going to sing to us”.   Watch this space.   It will be good, as always, to welcome a friend to address our meeting.

At the time of writing this report the weather has turned decidedly autumnal but at least we can bask in the memories of a glorious summer!

With kind regards from all members of the Wesley Guild.

Lynne Harvey

The latest review from the Summer Focus

Didn't I say in the Spring Focus that the Guild members are a happy band of pilgrims?   Well, surely the photograph taken of Ray and Ken at Ascot House on 12th May bears witness to this fact.   Twenty members of the Guild enjoyed a typically delicious Ascot House lunch.   It was also an opportunity to wish Les Simms a happy 80th birthday for the following day.      We have photographs of him and Gladys showing off his balloon and birthday cake.    Our rendition of “happy birthday to you” was as melodious as it could  have been on twenty very full stomachs!   

At our March meeting Christabel and Derick England shared with us a very interesting presentation on “The Children from Open Arms Malawi”.     They have been involved with the project for many years, are passionate about it and have visited Malawi many times.   Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world and sadly boasts the shocking statistics that there are over 1,000,000 million orphans there.    A collection from members and sale of Malawi goods raised the sum of £75 for which Christabel and Derick were very grateful.

On a lighter note we enjoyed a fun afternoon on 11th April when Barbara Lister and Judith Yeats tested our musical abilities when we were asked to “Name That Tune”.   We had much fun and laughter and ended up with a singalong.   Take a random line out of a hymn and play it and you wouldn't believe how hard it is to identify it.   How ashamed were we not to recognise a line out of our very own Guild hymn!   Thank you so much to Barbara and Judith for all their hard work.   Please can we have another one but not quite so hard next time?

Our May meeting made us all sit up and think.  Nick Berry kindly spoke to us about the work of Water Aid.   To think that 1 in 10 people (783 million) do not have access to safe water, 2.5 billion people lack access to sanitation, 2,000 children die every day from preventable water related diseases and women spend 26% of their time collecting water in some countries.    It was a very interesting talk but we all felt very humbled by these shocking statistics and vowed never again to leave the tap running while we clean our teeth!  We were able to donate £50 to this very worthwhile charity.

On 13th June we shall meet once again for an afternoon of fun and fellowship in Molly's garden (or lounge – depending upon the weather!)    This will be our umpteenth visit to Molly's and we do appreciate and very much look forward to these afternoons.

We have been delighted to welcome five new but familiar faces at our meetings this season, Mrs. Elsie Dobinson, Mrs. Vicky Bee, Mrs. Dorothy Mainprize and Mr. & Mrs. Les and Gladys Simms.   The more the merrier.   We hope that you all enjoy being Guilders!

Lynne Harvey


A Review of 2013 so far, taken from Lynne Harvey's report in our Spring Focus

Rather unusually, our 2013 season commenced with our Guild Anniversary Service on 10th February which was led by Deacon David Hunt and Dr. David Cundall.   Both David's have an association with the Nigeria Health Care Project; David C. is shortly to make yet another visit to Nigeria and David H's wife, Gail, has visited Edawu.     The Guild's first involvement with medical work in Nigeria, at a national level, dates back to 1912, starting at the Ilesha Hospital but it has now spread to other areas.   The reading from St. Luke, delivered so beautifully by Frank Ellis, told of the miracle of the  boy who was cured of epilepsy and, in his address, David C. told us of modern day miracles taking place today in Nigeria.   Thank you to Frank, to Rev. Gordon Lister who read Psalm 99 and to Graham Bunting who so beautifully played Chopin's Prelude, Op. 28 No. 15 – known as the Raindrops prelude.   We enjoyed the opportunity to sing a new Guild hymn, words by Rev. Brian Hoare sung to the familiar tune “Woodlands”. 

We were delighted to welcome David's wife and mother at the service.   As an ex local preacher, Mrs. Monica Cundall, has graced our pulput at Wesley on many occasions in the past.

Following the service many of the congregation stayed to watch an interesting audio-visual presentation of the work of the N.H.C.P. prior to 26 members and friends adjourning to Ascot House for delicious food, fellowship and fun.  

The speaker at our first meeting on 14th February (Valentine's Day) was Mrs. June Anstey whose talk (and plea!) was on the theme of “Carry on Writing”.     There was an excellent turnout of members (24 in all) and June showed us examples of beautifully written letters (not typed ones or emails) and pointed out to us how handwritten letters in the past had contributed greatly to preserving history.     June defined her household post in three categories.   Junk mail (consigned straight to the WPB), bills for the “Master of the House” and personal letters which she regards as the creme de la crème.      Not only did June entertain us so eloquently but she also graciously provided “goodies” in the form of Scotch pancakes which we enjoyed with our cups of tea and Valentine's cake afterwards.  

Lynne Harvey

October 2012 Meeting

Singing the Faith

Barbara Lister and Judith Yeats introduced a selection of hymns; some new words, some new tunes.  We opened appropriately with a new hymn called Thanks for the Friends.

No. 619 Thanks for the Friends by Gary Hopkins, to the tune Bethany

No. 481 The Lord's my Shepherd - a new version by Stuart Townend

No. 463 Deep in the shadows of the past by Brian Wren, to the tune Kingsfold.  Chosen by our friend Ruth.

No. 478 Thank you, O God, for the time that is now   by Fred Kaan to the tune Quedenburg

No. 429 Lord we turn to you for mercy, by Martin Leckenbusch to the tune Gott Will 'S' Machen

No 167 Colours of Day by Sue McClellan, John Paculabo Keith Ryecroft,

No. 566 Take my life and let it be, by Frances Ridley Havergall (1836-1879) to the Tune Emma (no 12 by Paul Leddington Wright)

No. 126 Praise God for the harvest of orchard and field. by Brian Wren, to the tune Stowey.

No. 33 O Lord we are always in your presence by Philip Jakob

No. 264 Make Way, by Graham Kendrick


September 2012 Meeting

A visit to a popular fish and chip restaurant and a talk by Town Pastors

This was an evening meeting which began at 6-00 when 21 members met at Graveley's Restaurant for a 'fish supper'. Back at Wesley this was followed by a talk from Mrs Beryl Ford and Mr Dave Thomas, who gave us a fascinating insight into the very valuable work of the Town Pastors in Harrogate, who have their base at Wesley.

Later we sang happy birthday to Betty and Barbara, who shared their birthday cake with the rest of us.  It had been Ray's birthday the week before - so Happy Birthday to Ray as well.


August 2012 Meeting

A Right Royal Occasion

Members, most of whom were sporting red white and blue, showed us their royal memorabilia and shared their memories of the Coronation and various meetings of members of the royal family. Margaret and Alan showed their DVD of their visit to Buckingham Palace in 2005, and we had a Royal Quiz followed by a right royal tea.  Also Molly was officially sworn in as President of our Guild.

July 2012 Meeting

An afternoon in Molly's Garden

Standing from left to right: Katharine Carmichael, Molly Blades, Lorna, Keith Carmichael, Ruth Dawson, Sheila Callow, Ann Campbell, Eileen Temple, Archie Campbell, Doug Hay, Joy Blakey, Alan Stangroom , Brian Blakey
Seated: Mavis Snowden, Margaret Stangroom, Ray Snowden


July 2011 Meeting

An afternoon in Molly's Garden

Standing from left to right: Joy Blakey, Margaret Stangroom, Lynne Harvey, Doug Hay, Ann Campbell, Molly Blades, Archie Campbell, Alan Stangroom, Ruth Dawson, Lorna Jennings, Brian Blakey, Mary Hutchinson, Sheila Callow

Seated: Mary Harris, Jack Harris, Eileen Temple

Contact - Guild Secretary - Lynne Harvey Tel:01423 568968

President: Molly Blades
Secretary: Lynne Harvey
Treasurer: Keith Carmichael
Accompaniest: Barbara Lister
Committee: Joy Blakey, Mary Ellis, Katharine Carmichael, Doug Hay

History of the Guild at Wesley Chapel Harrogate

It was announced in 1995 that ‘providing we can ‘get it off the ground’ we hope that we might be able to run a Wesley Guild during the coming winter months’

It did ‘get off the ground’ and was at first called ‘Thursday Night at Eight’.  However, this proved to be too much of a mouthful and it simply became ‘Guild’.  Originally Guild met in the autumn and winter months.  It became associated to The Wesley Guild, which was initially established by the Methodist Church over 100 years ago when concerns were raised about retaining young people in the Wesleyan Methodist Church.

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