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Wesley Chapel has a pastoral-visiting scheme that allocates a pastoral visitor to nearly 133 members and adherents with the church fellowship.





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Twenty dedicated pastoral visitors try to ensure that all within the Wesley Chapel family feel valued and connected to the church. Friendship and concern is offered unconditionally and in many forms.

It is a privilege and responsibility to all of us in the Methodist Church who are called to express our Christian Love through working alongside, children, young people and vulnerable adults. During 2012 twenty one members of Wesley Chapel attended the “Creating Safer Space” safeguarding training course developed by the Methodist Church. Without exception the Stewards, Junior Church leaders and Pastoral Visitors who attended one of the three Circuit courses came away with a clear and helpful set of principles to help their personal contribution to creating safe space to all who connect in anyway to Wesley Chapel.¬†

We hold two Pastoral Visitor meetings a year ensuring that no-one is over looked and any new needs are responded to. We also seek to share some form of personal development for the visitors by focusing on different aspects of pastoral care or current areas of national debate, including at a recent meeting a discussion on assisted suicide.


Christine Sudron is our Pastoral Team Leader and Safeguarding Officer.  She wrote in our Spring edition Focus:

Life is full of change, some planned and others very much unforeseen.
The Sudron family recently moved from their home of 22 years to a new home in Knaresborough and although the removal van was full of things and possessions, it was our memories that were most precious to us. Memories of our three boys growing together, the achievements of family and friends which made us proud and brought us joy, the friendships and love we shared with so many and the special place Wesley Chapel has in our lives.

So now we look forward with excitement and hope as we settle into our new home and as we look forward to the development of the Wesley Centre and the continued fellowship of the Wesley Chapel congregation.

Wesley Chapel continues to have a wonderful team of Pastoral Visitors who offer friendship and concern to all within the Church Family. This part of the fellowship of Wesley is very precious and we give thanks to those who offer this special form of Christian service.

We also value the care and compassion shown by so many other members of our congregation to those within the church and the wider community.

As we sung recently:
Community of Christ,
look past the Church’s door
and see the refugee, the hungry,
and the poor.
Take hands with the oppressed,
the jobless in your street,
take towel and water, that you wash
your neighbour’s feet.
Shirley Erena Murray

And so life moves on with all its ups and downs and those of us who hold the Love of God close to us are very blessed indeed.

Every Blessing,
Christine Sudron
Pastoral Secretary







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